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Gabe / 46 minutes ago

First Fifteen: Duck Dynasty

Today's First Fifteen was a train wreck of a game, but I think it made for a funny show: -Gabe out

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Tycho / 3 days ago

Because art is the main way you manipulate Gabriel into doing what you want game-wise, he's always been a big fan of Tearaway. Also, he owns a Vita, and those with Vitae are forever on the prowl for an excuse to use them. Except that a Vita is no longer required to play it now, because there is a remake of it for the PS4 called Tearaway Unfolded that has its phasers set to "charm." Gabriel was telling me about how it works with such glee that I suggested we should skim and then refine that…

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Tycho / 5 days ago

As my psychic aperture widened to encompass all, I realized that Gabriel was actually super gross. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is doing exactly what I wanted, which is to get a DS in Ronia's hands and make it feel like it's hers. Most games are too hard; the fun to stress ratio doesn't work for leisure activity. Minecraft in creative mode isn't hard, by comparison, but provides no narrative impetus, which for her is probably worse. I had mentioned that the lack of traditional…

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Tycho / 1 week ago

This was the conversation I had with Gabriel on his birthday, and we have rendered it for your consumption. He's basically impossible to buy things for, it's a tremendous pain in the ass, but I have learned and thus absorbed an undulating truthwave: that you may purchase a gift for a father's child and they will react as though you have purchased them two gifts. I secured for his brood the "Guardian," an Anki Drive car, which I am given to understand is a car. That, uh... seems like an…

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