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Gabe / 3 hours ago

Disney Infinity’s Marvel Toys Are Looking Great!

I just happened to see this article over on Kotaku about the new Disney Infinity Marvel toys looking “a bit rough”. Just as a counterpoint I figured I would share my experience. Fahey suggests that perhaps he got a bad batch and I think he might be right. He posts his Nova as an example of the sloppy paint jobs. Here’s a shot of mine for comparison. I think he looks awesome. I am sure I received a very similar box to Fahey and when I cracked open all the figs I was really impressed.…

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Tycho / 8 hours ago

I knew that once The Tracksuit had weighed in on Destiny, the conversation would get interesting. And it has. Much of Halo's most savory material has been in the margins of the actual core products: books, hidden journals, and forums devoted to parsing it. My favorite Halo story - that is to say, the best Halo story - was, technically speaking, an advertisement. Even before the release of the original Halo, it had already passed into legend: angular, hostile communiques from some kind of…

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