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A group of indie devs staged a punk rock version of GDC, and it was great

A group of indie devs staged a punk rock version of GDC, and it was great

The Game Developers Conference is one of the better shows of the year for industry folk and press. It can be an ultra-serious affair at times, and the talks on monetization and often predatory practices can be a bummer, but there is plenty of space at the show for sharing a beer with your favorite developer, trading war stories, or sharing best practices. It's an amazing opportunity to network, learn about your business, and pick the brains of like-minded people.

It also costs a good deal of money to get in, and it can be hard for developers and studios struggling to make rent to justify the cost. Four developers got together to stage a renegade, punk rock version of the show called Lost Levels this year, and invited a variety of under-represented voices to come and speak. The show could only exist in the shadow of GDC, as there needs to be a reason for all those people to be in one place at the same time, but why not take advantage of the show's spill over and hijack some of that positive mojo and give it back to people for free?

This is an interesting story about the counterculture and DIY ethic that's still alive in the games industry, and how a small group took advantage of GDC's momentum to spread that love around.

The image for this Cut was taken from Critical Distance, which is a great round-up of game writing you may have missed. If you like the Cut, you should check it out.