Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition is coming to Android, but they need help to test the “right” devices

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition is coming to Android, but they need help to test the “right” devices

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is an ambitious project that took the legendary role-playing game and brought it to modern PCs and mobile devices with improved resolutions and updated code. The game has been promised for Android devices for a while now, and the team wants your help to vote for the devices to be prioritized when it comes to both development and testing. You can vote for your favorites on the official forum. Still, why is this sort of thing required?

“Mainly it’s a list of the devices we will acquire and be physically testing on, the rest should hopefully work but we can’t guarantee it,” Overhaul Games programmer and co-founder Cameron Tofer told the Report. I was under the impression that a few Android devices controlled the majority of the market share, but it’s important that they figure out if the overall trends match the usage patterns of the gamers who will be buying the product.

“That may be the case for the broader market but It may not be the case for our players. We get requests here and there for different devices so we thought it would be best to ask and get a better sense of what people want to play Baldur’s Gate on,” Tofer continued.

So what’s causing the issues? They need to limit the size of the game, which means that the team needs to use compressed images. “The main technical issues for us are the compressed image formats and screen aspect ratios,” he explained. “Baldur’s Gate won’t fit in the 2GB limit without compressing all those images.  We need to match the compressed formats with the device. iOS devices all use PVRTC texture compression where Android devices vary.”

Apple may continue to split the product lines with larger screens on the new iPhones and now the iPad Mini, but Tofer claims the world of iOS is still much simpler for game development. “For the most part the iOS ecosystem seems to be a linear scale of better performing devices rather than wildly varying targets,” he said. “We usually get tripped up more on the different iOS versions than on the hardware.”

Beamdog’s Trent Oster has told us that he views this version of Baldur’s Gate as a test case for Android development. “If it’s a good game, hopefully people buy it. I view it as a chance for the Android market to gain visibility as a positive place to be,” he previously stated.

Buying multiple devices, testing the game on each one, and making sure the end player will get a smooth experience isn’t a small cost of either time and money, and the game has already been available on the PC and iOS devices for some time. We’ll see if the market exists when the game is released.