Keenan Bosworth

Delightfully retro: this man creates N64 tables as gifts for his friends and family

Delightfully retro: this man creates N64 tables as gifts for his friends and family

The N64 table pictured above went from “I did not know such a thing existed” to “I really must acquire one” in about ten seconds. “I originally got the idea from a Reddit post in November of last year that involved the same symbol made from a 3D printer, and it dawned on me, why not make a coffee table?” Keenan Bosworth, the table’s creator, told the Penny Arcade Report. “As for actually creating the design for it, I simply went to my nearest coffee table in my living room and measured how tall it was…” The N64 logo is based on a cube, so it was just a matter of recreating the “N” shape for each side after determining the table’s size.

Bosworth had created a similar table last year, and this attempt went a little smoother. “I learned the importance of trigonometry and opposite angles, as the inner sides of the ‘N’s’ were the most difficult challenge to overcome,” he said. “I chose this table originally out of the love for Nintendo, and all the nostalgia I have from their releases in the past. I was however requested to build THIS specific table for a friend’s surprise birthday party. And the one before was for my brother for Christmas, who just turned 28.”

The table was constructed from pine, nails, and wood glue, and you can see more pictures of the construction process to gain some insight into how things came together. Bosworth is working on an Instructable so that he can share the exact process with others who would like to make similar tables, and another Redditor has offered to put together a set of plans based on Bosworth’s measurements and design. This table took about a week of hard work between college classes, but he believes the process could become even more streamlined in the future. The table’s base weighs around 60lbs.completed, so it’s unlikely it could be shipped inexpensively.

It’s fascinating to see the images that show what it takes to create a 3D logo out of physical materials. The finished product looks wonderful, and the fact it was created as a gift makes it even better. I like to take a break from the more serious stories to talk to people who use their love of gaming to make interesting and unique items, and this definitely applies. My hat is off to you, Mr. Bosworth. Your friend is going to be very happy, and I hope we didn’t ruin the surprise.