GTA Online open world multiplayer mode to launch two weeks after single player game

GTA Online open world multiplayer mode to launch two weeks after single player game

2K Games released an info-packed new trailer for Grand Theft Auto V today which details the game's robust online features. Called GTA Online, it will be an open world mode for up to 16 players, combined with a content creation system where players can build and share their own content.

The online mode will launch two weeks after the single player game hits store shelves, and will be unlocked by way of a small, free download. When it launches, a new character will show up alongside the single player protagonists Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, and choosing that character will bring you into the multiplayer world where it can then be customized. The staggered release will also do much to dissuade players from trading in the game, keeping used copies from the market for at least a short time.

Rockstar North President Leslie Benzies told CVG in an interview that the online component is designed to be an entirely seperate experience from the single player game, and is set slightly before the events of the single player component. It will share story characters and locations, but the player's characters and stats will be entirely seperate. However, the game world is said to be identical to the one seen in single player.

Similar to other open world multiplayer games like Burnout Paradise or Red Dead Redemption, players choose what they'd like to do and are not locked to a specific course of action. You can go off on your own, compete in deathmatch, rob a bank with friends, and so on.

GTA Online appears to have more player interactivity than other games though. In one example to CVG, Benzies said that players will have to consider the risk of carrying around cash with them, as their money will spill out onto the streets if they're killed. Potentially offering an incentive for greedy players to attack their colleagues. Money can be used to buy property, cars, or custimizations for your character.

Benzies also mentioned that there will be a tool for identifying players who are too annoying to others. If they're killing other players or blowing up their cars too often they'll be labeled a “Bad Sport” which other players can see and avoid. He alluded to “punishments” but didn't specify.

At launch, the content creation system will be limited to only deathmatch and races, but that will be expanded as the game moves grows. Eventually it will also include mission creators and other ways to modify the game world.

Grand Theft Auto V will release on September 17 worldwide on Xbox 360 and PS3. GTA Online will launch two weeks later on October 1.