How to win at the Independent Games Festival
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    Who wins the IGF?

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    Cipher Prime

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How to win at the Independent Games Festival

Nobody could ever lay out an exact blueprint for how to win a major award in an art festival, but this article from Cipher Prime, the developers behind the excellent Auditorium games, comes about as close as you could hope.

This is an in-depth study of the winners of the IGF competition's awards over the past two years and an examination of the traits that bind them together and set them apart. 

If nothing else, this is a wonderful retrospective on many of the amazing titles that have come out of the IGF since 2011 from Antichamber to Monaco to Kentucky Route Zero to Frozen Synapse to Botanicula.

There's an amazing array of startlingly different titles that had their coming out party at the IGF, and it's fascinating to read about the factors that bind them, and get a sense of their place in the world of indie games.