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Making the Cut: our plan for sharing the best game writing

Making the Cut: our plan for sharing the best game writing

Jerry wrote that the business of creating video game news is broken, and I agree. The super-blogs push content out at a furious pace, but the open secret is only a few interesting things happen each day in the world of video games. Everyone runs two or three interesting stories per day, and the rest is filler. The continual, relentless publication of stories that don’t say anything of worth, re-write an existing article, or exist only to grab page views with a few sexy images can be numbing. This is why so many people don’t take video game news seriously: there just isn’t enough out there to fill out a schedule that demands a story every twenty or thirty minutes. Our answer is the Cut.

Many talented writers are writing great stories every day. We’re going to highlight those stories and send our audience to them. Imagine a sort of curated feed that is made up of stories that we think are worth your time, updated throughout the day. No filler, no crap, no cheap lists. Each story in the Cut will feature primary reporting, interesting analysis, or a unique look at the video game industry. We want to send our readership to stories that we wish we had written ourselves.

We won’t be blogging about these stories nor giving away all the information with a small link at the bottom. Instead, we’re going to give you the name of the writer, the name of the outlet, and explain why you should go read the damn thing for yourself. By clicking on the link, leaving the Penny Arcade Report, and giving the story your time, you’re sending a message that good writing and primary reporting are things you value. We think that if we do as much as we can to incentivize publications to do actual reporting, they may be more likely to do the good work and stop using the filler as a crutch.

By placing stories in the Cut, which will appear on both Penny Arcade proper and the Penny Arcade Report, we’re vouching for them. If you have a few minutes to read something about video games and don’t want to wade through all the shit, come to us and spend some time with the stories in the Cut. We guarantee that you’ll find something worth your time and, more importantly, we won’t waste your time.

I’ll be selecting the links, along with the Penny Arcade staff. You can submit a link for consideration yourself, but include a few thoughts about why you think the story deserves to make the Cut. It doesn’t matter what site it’s from, and you’re welcome to submit your own work, we just ask that you keep the quality high. We’re looking for breaking news, primary reporting, and good writing. It doesn’t matter if it comes from one of the most popular sites in gaming, or a personal Wordpress blog.

Our goal is to allow you blindly to click on a link and be delighted with a good story. We’ll show you the good stuff, and we can all pretend the bad stuff doesn’t exist. You can even return to the Penny Arcade Report to discuss the story with our community. Our goal is to try to create the illusion of gaming sites the way we wish they were, not the way they are in their current form. We hope you’ll come with us. The test begins now.