Nintendo Direct livestream announces Sonic: Lost Worlds, E3 demos at Best Buy

Nintendo Direct livestream announces Sonic: Lost Worlds, E3 demos at Best Buy

Nintendo held a new “Nintendo Direct” livestream this morning, and while the 20 minute event was very light on announcements, there were a few interesting bits of information.

A game called Sonic: Lost Worlds was announced, but they offered no information on the title, other than saying it's a 3D action adventure game produced in partnership with Sega. Just one promotional image of the game was shown featuring Sonic and Tails flying toward a planet made of hexagonal tiles. Mario and Sonic: Winter Games is also on the way to the Wii U, with a variety of Olympic events.

They also talked about their plans to bring demo kiosks into Best Buy stores during E3 next month so everyone who lives near a store can get a chance to play the same pre-release games that E3 attendees get to see. They did not announce what games will be available. Considering Nintendo's recent decision to forego an E3 press conference this year, this seems to signify that Nintendo is continuing to step back from focusing on the famously exclusive trade show. 

Nintendo also announced that the New Super Mario Bros U expansion New Super Luigi U will be a standalone game that can be purchased either as DLC in NSMBU, or as a standalone boxed retail product. The DLC version will be significantly cheaper at $19.99 while the boxed game will sell at $29.99. The downloadable version will be available June 20 while the boxed version will come later in August.

Aside from those three bits of news, we were mostly given a list of release dates while Nintendo President Satoru Iwata spent a third of the show explaining the control scheme of Pikmin for reasons I don't entirely understand.

They announced that Pikmin will launch on August 4, and Platinum Games' The Wonderful 101 will be arriving on September 15 in North America.

Nintendo also stated that the previously announced Gameboy Color titles Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons will be coming to the 3DS eShop on May 30 for $5.99, sold for $4.99 for the first three weeks.

We're hoping for somewhat bigger announcements out of E3.