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One of StarCraft’s most famous players fired for abusive behavior, ongoing asshattery

One of StarCraft’s most famous players fired for abusive behavior, ongoing asshattery

Greg “Idra” Fields is one of the most popular StarCraft 2 players in the world. He's been a top tier player at times, and one of a very small pool of North Americans capable of beating South Korean players. However, he's most famous for his anger issues, and it's finally become his undoing as he was fired from team Evil Geniuses, one of the largest and most successful eSports companies, yesterday amid back-to-back controversies.

In StarCraft 2, the name “Idra” is synonymous with rage (link warning: he's a real piece of work.) Thousands of fans tune in to his live stream games to watch him get angry, swear at other players, and generally play the bad boy.

This week, however, he took things a step too far.

Two days ago, Idra was competing in the Blizzard World Championship Series North America against Korean player Polt when he did something that he's become famous for: he quit a game that he wasn't losing. Idra has a bad habit of being unable to properly analyze a game, and he sometimes gives up far too soon when there's still a good chance for victory. 

It's something that's frowned upon in the competitive scene because it robs the viewers of seeing a complete match, and ruins any chance of an exciting comeback. Why invest your time in watching a game if one of the players isn't even willing to invest theirs? Two of the more famous videos in the StarCraft scene are Idra rage-quits.

He took things a step further however, when he got into an argument with fans on the popular SC2 forum, Team Liquid. “Nope. You're all a bunch of fucks,” said Idra as captured in a screenshot by PCGamesN. “It just so happens I get paid to treat you like it. It's fucking awesome.”

He wrote that message earlier in the day, but it took some time before it started spreading around the community. It started proliferating heavily around the time that news of his rage quit against Poly had reached fans. The combination of both was apparently too much for Evil Geniuses to tolerate.

His team reacted swiftly, and Idra was released from his contract. “As most of you are already aware, we let our players be themselves,” reads a statement posted on the Evil Geniuses website. “We believe that our industry’s diverse assortment of vibrant personalities plays a huge part in helping make eSports so much fun – for ourselves, and for the viewers. No great novel is without great characters, and we like to let our players find their own roles within the eSports storyline by showcasing the personalities they were born with.

“But, to us, there’s a very big difference between a player being disrespectful to an opponent in a ladder match, and a player being disrespectful to the entire community of people who, via their own enthusiasm and passion for the entertainment product he creates, actually make his profession possible. We, as a company, cannot and will not be supportive of anyone who does not show due respect and appreciation for the community that makes everything we do possible.”

Idra is an exceedingly popular player, and he's been competing very well lately, so it's quite likely that he'll be picked up by another team provided he can stay focused on his play and not his mouth.

This action is a strong message to the eSports community though: The eSports world is going to have to grow up.