Double Fine Productions

PAR tries to get a story about Double Fine’s second Kickstarter up before the damned thing is funded

PAR tries to get a story about Double Fine’s second Kickstarter up before the damned thing is funded

Double Fine Productions, the independent game developer behind the industry's first multi-million dollar Kickstarter, announced today that they are launching a new crowdfunding campaign for a game created by the designer of Iron Brigade (originally released as Trenched on XBLA), Brad Muir.

The game is called Massive Chalice, and it will draw inspiration from roguelikes and games like Infinity Blade with randomly generated characters cast as descendants in your family's bloodline.

Muir describes the game as “tactical fantasy on an epic timeline” and namedrops such classics as Final Fantasy Tactics and X-COM as being analogous to Massive Chalice's style of gameplay. Unfortunately, they do not show the game in motion, and instead resort to doodling the ideas behind the game on a dry-erase board.

“The game is structured into two main layers: strategy and tactics,” reads the Kickstarter page. “In the strategy layer, you oversee your kingdom, arrange royal marriages, conduct research, and make the far-reaching decisions that will determine the fate of your legacy. In the tactics layer, you fight brutal turn-based battles to defend your kingdom using small squads of customizable heroes.”

The project will be developed by a team at Double Fine that is not related to the company's first Kickstarter title, Broken Age. Funding is currently set at $725,000 and has progressed rapidly, with $200,000 already pledged within a matter of hours.

Double Fine appears to be leaving no stone left unturned in their pursuit of alternative means of funding themselves. Having already seen huge success with their $3.3 million Kickstarter they also experimented with the free-to-play model, as well as their own Paypal-based funding system.

This experimentation with alternative sources of funding is something that has become important to indies in the Kickstarter age. Without the regular sources of funding like publishers and royalties, it's become crucial to maintain a consistent flow of income, even if it means running more than one largescale Kickstarter.

The game is slated to be released on Windows, Mac, and Linux, with an “estimated delivery date” for the backer reward tier that includes the game being set at September 2014.