Prime World gives more details about its gender-based hero discounts: males will be welcome as well

Prime World gives more details about its gender-based hero discounts: males will be welcome as well

Nival wants to help male and female players play together in its upcoming PC strategy game Prime World, and Larisa Nuretdinova, the creative producer at Nival, told the Penny Arcade Report that female players would pay less for extra heroes, as long as those heroes are female as well. This caused quite a stir, and Nival’s marketing director Sergey Galyonkin dropped into our comments to clarify a few things.

“Female players have discounts for female characters, not for all characters. Same for male players and male characters,” Galyonkin said. I e-mailed the company to ask for clarification on exactly how the discount will work, and was told that the game features over 50 heroes, some of which are male or female by default. “Depending on your gender you’ll get a discount on roughly five of those - but different five heroes for guys and girls,” Galyonkin said. “Those five represent five main hero roles (or classes) in a game - we’re giving this discount so people could try new roles without spending too much time to get required in-game money. And we have two sets of discounted heroes so we don’t get a lot of same characters on a battlefield.”

Kotaku also followed up on the story. “Basically we have discounts for some of starter characters depending on gender of a player,” Nival president Sergey Orlovskiy stated. “If you’re male you can get several male heroes cheaper, and if you’re female you’ll get some of female heroes cheaper. Point was not just to encourage playing characters of your own gender, but to encourage using some specific character roles in a game.”

It looks as if both sexes will be able to get certain characters at a discount, and the characters were selected to promote both gender diversity and the classes in the game. This contradicts what we were told in the original interview, and it’s very possible that these bonuses and discounts are still up in the air and the company is re-evaluating how to handle gender-specific players based on the feedback from yesterday’s story. And what about those who would flip their Facebook gender to take advantage of the discount or the gender-based talent?

“You can fake your gender of course, it is Internet after all,” Galyonkin wrote in the comments. “But if you create a fake Facebook profile, you lose all social benefits, like playing with your real friends in game. Prime World doesn’t post anything to your wall, but if some of your friends are playing Prime World you’ll see them in interface and will be able to play together. Also, if you go with your real profile, changing gender will surely alert your mom. I don’t expect someone to change Facebook gender for a game.”

So there you have it: the fear of Mother will keep the gender-switching to a minimum.