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Rare $11,000 EVE Online ship destroyed in trick ambush

Rare $11,000 EVE Online ship destroyed in trick ambush

Once again, EVE Online has proven that it is by far the most interesting video game to observe from the outside. In this article, PC Games N tells the tale of the destruction of an extremely rare, extremely expensive ship in EVE Online via ambush.

But more than that, they've included the in-game communications audio of what was being said in the aftermath. Yet another amazing tale of the exploits of EVE Online players would have been fascinating enough, but the audio puts you right there with the players.

There's also video of the engagement set to epic heavy metal tunes as is the custom of EVE players, although the video can be confusing to watch if you're not already highly knowledgeable about the game. 

This story follows just one week after a spy reportedly stole 400 billion ISK (over $14,000) and disbanded an alliance. The TV show/comic book that will reportedly be inspired by the tales of EVE players can't come soon enough.