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So what the hell is up with the voice actors in Batman: Arkham Origins?

So what the hell is up with the voice actors in Batman: Arkham Origins?

One of the more controversial aspects of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins is the lack of the best-known voice actors of that franchise. In this game Batman will be voiced by Roger Craig Smith, and the Joker will be voiced by Troy Baker, instead of the better-known Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. 

I was able to hear a bit of the voice work during the presentation and my hands-on time with the game and, while Batman definitely sounded different, Troy Baker performed a version of the Joker that was hard to separate from Hamill’s iconic voice work.

Still, why change the voice actors at all?

“We’re really defining ourselves by this early career setting, so it’s important that our characters sound young, that they sound like they’re young, that they’re in that time period,” Eric Holmes, the creative director of Arkham Origins told the Report. “So we did a lot of soul searching and a lot of testing and auditioning, and we found voices that we think are great, very authentic versions of those characters. They sound like Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy, but rewound several years.”

“We’re not trying to re-invent Batman with this game, or the voice actors we’ve chosen. We’re trying to be authentic,” he continued.

We agreed that Batman has a sort of “squishy” timeline, but I was told that this Batman was around 27 years old. He’s been doing the Batman thing for around two years at this point. It makes sense that he would sound different, especially since Batman is a character Bruce Wayne is playing; the voice evolves.

Besides, we wouldn’t rule out Kevin Conroy having something to do with Batman’s voice in the game.