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Telltale explains why a “shit-house crazy” battle was cut from The Walking Dead

Telltale explains why a “shit-house crazy” battle was cut from The Walking Dead

In this piece published by Edge magazine's online version,, the creators of the hugely successful adventure game, The Walking Dead, talk about how they approached creating a game with a story that can actually be played, and how a game can evoke an emotional reaction from the player. Along the way, they even talk about certain things that were cut from the final game, including a "shit-house crazy" gun fight that just wasn't working.

The trouble with most video games, even ones with amazing stories, is that we don't actually get to interact with that narrative. The player engages with a challenging level and is then told a little bit more about the story. In this piece, Telltale says their approach with The Walking Dead was to kill the sections where the player is told how the plot progresses, and replace it with a system that allows the player to drive the narrative.

The piece features interviews with some of the most intelligent people currently working in interactive fiction like Walking Dead lead Jake Rodkin and story adviser Gary Whitta (former editor of PC Gamer and screenwriter of The Book of Eli and the upcoming After Earth) as they reflect on their time working on the game and collaborating with Walking Dead author Robert Kirkman.

If you're one of the millions who enjoyed this phenomenal game, then this piece is worth your time.