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The Grand Theft Auto V Book Club or, why Ben is butthurt about not getting a review copy

The Grand Theft Auto V Book Club or, why Ben is butthurt about not getting a review copy

Rockstar has always been persnickety about review copies, and it looks like a good amount of outlets were passed over for early copies of the latest Grand Theft Auto game. PAR isn’t on Metacritic, we tend to avoid traditional reviews, and to be honest it’s not like any Grand Theft Auto games needs a boost from the gaming media to sell. We were probably easy to drop from the first round of review copies.

Every other publisher, don't go getting any ideas. We're still influential as hell… and stuff.

So I’m somewhat frustrated that we won’t have coverage up at the same time as other outlets, but these things happen. The flipside of this is that I’m not really interested in running through the game to try to crap out some impressions even a thorough review if we receive it at launch, or perhaps a day or two before.

Part of this decision is due to the fact that those sorts of posts tend to be lower in quality, but also because I’m an incredibly selfish person who wants to be able to enjoy what is likely to be one of the biggest releases of the year without feeling like a deadline is breathing down my neck. I love you, all of you, but sometimes my own enjoyment of a game comes first. I’m not going to go to one of my favorite restaurants and scarf down my favorite dish in ten minutes just to give a quick thumbs up or thumbs down.

But let’s spin this into something good. I’ll be playing a few hours a night, and writing up some thoughts on the game as I go, and as things jump out at me. Don’t think of it like a review, think of it like a book club, although I’ll be ultra-careful to mark spoilers. This way we can play along with each other, and discuss the game in the comments. I think this is a better way to handle coverage of a game like this anyway, and everything that was written before that previous comma was made entirely of sour grapes.

It seems kind of silly to write a story about a review that won’t be there, but frankly I’m getting hammered with questions about when the review will hit, how we’re covering it, and all manner of other Grand Theft Auto-related monkeyshines. I wanted to get ahead of it and give you a heads up so I wasn’t stuck answering a flood of emails on Monday, and also because I wanted an excuse to run the header image you see at the top of this story.

So on Tuesday, when the game launches, and we all have our copies and start playing… let’s talk. If you don’t care about Grand Theft Auto, then why did you read this far? Sheesh.

See you soon, and I’m as excited about Grand Theft Auto V as many of you are. Maybe more so. Let’s dig in together!