The making of the best version of Star Wars… which of course you can’t get legally

A week or so ago I fell into the black hole of researching different versions of the original Star Wars trilogy. The different versions of the film, and the possibility of an official re-release of the "original" versions of the films, have fascinated me for some time. I wrote a long story about the possibility of a high quality version of the film without the edits or updates of the various later releases back in 2010.

The Despecialized Edition of A New Hope may be the best version of the film I have ever seen. The image quality is clean, the original effects are used when possible, and the entire experience is so much better than any of the official releases that it's almost surreal. The video above shows the insane amount of work, from any number of different sources, went into this version of the film.

Technically this is a pirated version of the film, so I can't post a link to where to get it or offer any guidance. I can say that if you're a serious Star Wars fan you need to figure out a way to watch it, and become sad about the state of the official releases. This is an amazing achievement, and stomps all over the versions of A New Hope you can buy at retail.

If you're interested in more comparisons shots, take a look.