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The simplicity of failure: why you should be playing Hundreds on the iPad

The simplicity of failure: why you should be playing Hundreds on the iPad


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There is nothing more delightful than a game that looks like it should be easy. You attempt each level, and you find yourself failing. You wonder what went wrong. So you keep trying. You always blame yourself.

Hundreds is an iOS game, but you should play on the iPad. Each level seems designed for the size and freedom the iPad’s screen brings to the experience, and many levels require you to touch multiple circles at once to win. This is fun on the iPad, but it becomes frustrating on the iPhone or iPod Touch when your fingers obscure much of the screen. It’s a game that needs a little bit of room to breathe, and you need to allow your hand some room to move.

The concept is instantly understandable. You have to touch the circles, which causes them to grow, until the number inside one or more of them reaches 100. Then you win the round. They turn red as they grow, and if they touch any other object while they’re red, you lose. Some levels introduce circles with negative numbers. Others bring in moving obstacles that can knock a circle back to zero. You’ll have to deal with circles connected to each other, and in some levels things are moving and reacting to each other. Hundreds does a wonderful job of teaching the player how to interact with each new puzzle or obstacle. The playing area is clean and simple.

Each level takes place on a single screen, and it takes moments to understand what you’re being asked to do. Doing that thing ends up being much more difficult than it appears. There is a playful quality to the level design, and you can feel the hands of the creators in the clever design of the more fiendish challenges. There is also a series of puzzles to solve, and these unlock as you play the game. I’ve solved one or two, and the rest may be beyond me. The less said about these, the better.

Some games suffer due to the touch screen, but the best iOS games disappear into the touch-based interactions. This is one of those games. Hundreds is on sale now on iOS devices, and is only $2.99 until the tenth of January.