The uncertain future of the custom, two-button Divekick controllers

The uncertain future of the custom, two-button Divekick controllers

We've written a few extensive articles on the upcoming PlayStation 3 and Vita title Divekick, and we've explored how the two-button action is much more complex than it seems at first glance. I've been lucky to play the game at both PAX East and a tournament at a local arcade, and both times the game has been enhanced by the custom, two-button arcade sticks created by Iron Galaxy to showcase the game.

The buttons are large, they feel great when you're pounding on them in the game, and they give the whole experience an extra level of fun. You don't need an arcade stick to play the game, but it sure as hell doesn't hurt. I asked Adam Heart, the game's creator, if it was going to be possible to purchase the controllers when the game is released.

“That’s a tricky question. Bundling a digital game with a physical peripheral is not something the industry has done, and I think most peripheral makers are cautious about that,” he explained. “The actual cost on custom making the boxes we have here is a little high, they’d have to retail for about $150… which I think is a little unrealistic.”

The trick is to convince someone to make enough units that the cost comes down. “We’re talking with a lot of people, Mad Catz, etc. to find a way to get production costs down so we can get these to the market for a reasonable price,” Heart continued. “The short version answer is that we want to release it, but I have no idea at this time if it’s a thing that will happen. I’ll be sad if it doesn’t happen.”