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Watch the forging of the Master Sword

Tony Swatton is a really neat guy, and it's hard to keep myself from posting all his videos. The forging of the Master Sword though, that's a big one. That makes the Cut, both literally and figuratively.

What I love about these videos is that he makes it all look so easy, but when you stop and really break apart what he's doing, and the materials he's using, there are so many different skills and disciplines being put to work that it's clear you're looking at someone who has spent their life working on the art of making stuff out of other stuff.

This was really fun to watch, and I hope you enjoy it. A quick note: Swatton told me that he doesn't play games or watch much TV, so these designs literally show up, and he just does it. I always wonder what he thinks about the practical aspects of some of these designs. Let me know if you'd be interested in a follow-up article.