What if the publishers were the good guys?

What if the publishers were the good guys?

There are two sides to every story, and we rarely get to hear the point of view of the publisher of video games when things go bad. These are the companies that front the money, provide support, and launch the games. Their messages are often controlled by PR, or ruled by silence. In that ecosystem it's easy for developers to seem like the victims in predatory business relationships.

Still, what if the publishers were the good guys? It's easy to read this and think of situations where the publishers are the victims of poor behavior and planning on the part of developers.

This story, by an anonymous publisher, goes a long way to describing how and why publishers do what they do. There are aspects of it I don't agree with, and the developer / publisher relationship still feels flawed to me, but at the very least it leads to more understanding of these situations. 

There are no good guys and bad guys in video games, although sometimes that fits a convenient narrative. We're not going to see better games because we kill off all the publishers or the publishers sign developers to better deals. The reality is always more complex than we think, and there are rarely easy answers. I'm just happy to hear this side of the story, even if we don't know who wrote this.