Why the guy in charge of Call of Duty wants to steal a mode from Minecraft

Why the guy in charge of Call of Duty wants to steal a mode from Minecraft

I spoke with Daniel Suarez, the Vice President of Production at Activision about Call of Duty during the multiplayer reveal event for Ghosts, and we talked about a variety of different subjects, including the innovative squad mode. I had a question though: Since the franchise is always adding new modes and stretching what it can do, what would he love to steal from a competitor?

“Considering that my daughter is addicted to Minecraft? I would take the creative mode out of Minecraft and stick it in Call of Duty,” he answered, without much hesitation.

“For me, I look at what’s going on in the industry, the last couple of years have been interesting to follow. The huge rise of indie games. Everyone says that Call of Duty is a huge mega-franchise and it is what it is, but we’re all inspired by what everyone else is doing in the industry,” he continued. He said the team was taken with Journey, and no one is interested in just playing their own games.

“We’re playing everything, and we’re seeing everything, and it influences what we do. When I look at something like that, a ton of people play Minecraft. I have a ten year-old daughter, all her friends come over and they love creative mode, and I watch them every day just loving this thing. I think it would be really cool,” he said.

It’s an interesting idea. The engagement with the Call of Duty franchise is already so high, and the community so ready to try new content, that a version that allowed people to create and upload their own content would have to be interesting. Custom maps and missions would be great, and would allow fans to flex their own creative muscles.

Still, I wouldn’t hold my breath. “But would it work? Does it fit? I don’t know,” Suarez admitted. “But if I could steal something today, and put it in the game today, that would be it. But we’re not doing it today. That would be the easiest thing for me to pluck.”