When piracy offers a better product, the legitimate for-pay versions will always lose

When piracy offers a better product, the legitimate for-pay versions will always lose

Piracy is always a loaded topic, but this opinion piece lays out a few reasons people continue to download content illegally, and it's not always about the price. I'll let you read the original article to see if you agree or disagree with Wagner's points, and I'd also like to raise a few myself.

In many cases pirated goods are simply a higher quality than what you buy. Forcing the viewer to sit through previews, being locked to a physical copy or a DRM-ed to hell digital version that comes packed in, and few simple ways of downloading content and then watching it on your TV are all issues here.

When you download a movie illegally, you get the movie, you press play, and it plays. You can put that file on any device that can read it. The for-pay option is often more work, less user friendly, and more locked down.

Piracy is, as always, a service problem, and the companies who sell the content are losing the fight because they think consumers don't have any other options. It's not that the free version is tolerable, and people are just trying to save a buck, it's that the free version is often superior in a number of ways, so consumers have no incentive to pay for the content, other than their own morals.

And you know how that goes.

The point about comics having licked this issue is fascinating, as I buy a ton of comics digitally, and the product is usually at least a little better than the bootleg scans on the Internet. It seems like the comic industry is embracing digital in a big way, and those who do it well are going to prosper.

Look at Image Comics, for instance. Great quality, good prices, easy to use, compatible with all your devices. They beat the pirates on service. Let's see more of that.