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Tycho / 3 hours ago

It’s all true, actually; the new Thornwatch playtest is completely hands free.  Well, hands free for us.  You will probably need your hands to roll dice, move characters around, or to physically strike allies who miss vital rolls - preferably with a gnarled old cane.  Every other playtest he’s ever done has been rigorously controlled, with hypnotically conditioned gamemasters whose subconscious programming ensures an optimal experience every time.  Every couple months this process gives him an opportunity to feel terrified in a completely new way.

There is every likelihood that I am playing Monster Hunter on an airplane when you see this, obliterating Genpreys, or whatever the next-level Genprey equivalent is.  Right?  Whatever a Genprey becomes after it graduates college is what I’ll be fighting.  I feel confident that I will receive a mail shortly telling me that the plural of Genprey isn’t “Genpreys” but is just the word Genprey, again.  As I said before, though: I am new here.  Teach me.  Teach me what to say if I should happen to see more than one Genprey.

We needed to get a few comics queued up for the show, and when we were talking about what we could do there I felt the hot lash of dreaded continuity.  We had something we sorta liked, but then I saw a super loose pen sketch he’d done in that book of his, one he never showed anybody, and the kid on the page basically took the whole thing over.

There was a preview of the first panel in Gabe’s sketchdump earlier this week.  So: I wrote it, Gabriel drew it, and then Gabe got he got Steve Hamaker to handle the colors.  Steve has handled this task for all kinds of awesome shit, like Bone, RASL, his own PLOX, and the near and dear to my heart Table Titans.  The story is an Eyrewood kinda deal; hopefully that is something you can make peace with.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 12 hours ago

Merch Banner For PAX East

I know that usually Gabriel does these, but he is drawing a comic at the moment, and it’s got every limb of his operating at 100% capacity.  Here’s the banner:

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I know the things that have Brian really cranked up are the awesome, timely new Scarf, the Strip Search boxed set, the Polygonal new show shirt, the PAX East poster and Pin set, and the new Merch pin.  He wanted me to make sure that you know that the limited edition show pin - the one with Gavin’s frankly incredible vector-inspired design that defines an entire year of shows - will only be available at “Merch Lite,” in the main lobby.

Okay!  I think that’s everything.


Tycho / 2 days ago

Apparently, Boston is being reverse terraformed.  Initially I avoided looking for weather related information altogether, because I had been told that snow was a social construct and I didn’t want to reify it.  But pictures of the town I have tilled up in my hesitant online searches are indistinguishable from Hoth, except for the super old woman shoveling her own walk all the way out to the fucking street, in the manner of a boss.

Because I am super with it and together, and I never put things off or try to iterate a partially concocted scheme to gruesome effect, I have already established a grim persona optimized for domination in that frozen hell.  The reality of course is that instead of, say, establishing a necro-monarchy, we will take our boardgames out of our bags and establish another, smaller convention there in the terminal.

It must be said, though, that they have a different kind of cold than I have in my town.  Brenna wanted to take a walk before she had to fly out one year after the show, and I said no, that was a terrible idea, because people were freezing in place where they stood out there and being loaded onto trucks like cordwood, bundled for quick sale, to those for whom freshness was paramount.

Somehow we ended up on the walk anyhow, because whatever, who cares, and we hadn’t gotten three blocks before we turned back.  I would like to say that this was a choice we made, turning back, but we were turned back because your cold is of a fundamentally different sort.  We went back because we could not go forward.  It wasn’t a land habitable by people.  Their cold is the great Leviathan, which marks the edge of the map.

(CW)TB out.

Monday Sketchdump!

A new five part Eyrewood story starts this coming Friday. Here is a sketch from the first comic.

-Gabe out


Tycho / 5 days ago

Because I’m still new to Monster Hunter, there’s a lot I don’t know.  I could absolutely look for a FAQ and solve all this stuff immediately, like watching a Raid video, and then I could go in and try to emulate another person’s valor.  When I hit a true wall - as opposed to being momentarily inconvenienced by my ineptitude - maybe I’ll hit it up.  But not yet.  I haven’t felt like this in a very, very long time.

I apologize to Monster Hunter stalwarts here and elsewhere; I’m coming into your whole deal unprepared, but I want nothing more than to learn.  This post is for people who don’t know yet, or for people who just learned, and can nod sagely along with only a hint of wistful melancholy.

Monster Hunter is a lot like Minecraft in one very specific way: everything is made up of other things, and you can go get these things.  I would say it is unlike Minecraft in every other way.  But that core loop of acquisition and refiguration is beyond addictive.  Oh, now, wait.  It is the same in another way, and that’s one of the things that makes its compulsion engine so terrible and perverse in its strength.  There is no mechanically reinforced “character” in either of these games.  There is no progression aside from the equipment you make or find, and the skill you build with the game’s often one of a kind arsenal.

Equipment builds your capability through the use of Skill Points, which might be a new concept to you.  It certainly was to me.  Imagine that each piece of my armor grants me a couple points in some useful skill.  Except having a couple points in a skill doesn’t mean shit, right?  It doesn’t mean that you are kinda good at something.  Until you have ten points in a skill, it’s not even activated in my experience.  So the game is about trying to match complimentary pieces together.  Alright.  Now, you understand everything you need to in order to properly contextualize my failure.

I had never seen an item that had all ten points in a skill, by itself, so imagine my surprise when I found a Gargwa Mask I could make, and I already had all the shit for it.  I was picturing some haute couture motherfucking’ French type shit, flexing mad plumage, so I invested several single use armor upgrades in it before I’d even seen it on because why would it ever look like this.

(CW)TB out.

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