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Tycho / 2 hours ago

I was a weird kid.

I know what you’re thinking:  Tycho Brahe?  Prince of the Internet?  But it’s true.  I was incredibly, perhaps overwhelmingly religious.  It’s possible to be religious and not weird, but I could never pull it off.  I took the evangelical part of being an Evangelical very seriously, so seriously that it wrapped back around itself and became hatred for the Sinner, and my ministry became less about leading people to Christ and more about measuring, in full, the distance between that person and true righteousness - of which I was, conveniently for me, a gatekeeper.

There are many systems by which we determine who is the Not Us, and when I was old enough to understand that for me it was this Pentecostal, Speaking In Tongues, Holy Ghost shit I had to get out.  It destroyed my relationship with my mom, not only because it represented a full manifestation of individuality (which would have been the normal course) but because rejecting the Gospel made me not us, which meant I could be treated any which way.  Understand that this happens inside families.  And then try to imagine what people do when there’s no blood between them, no backstop.  No fundamental reassertion of common humanity.  Except you don’t have to imagine it at all, because your visual field is saturated with examples.

I have fielded death threats for more than a decade now, nearly two, before there was such a thing as Twitter.  No one has managed to kill me yet, but hope springs eternal I suppose.  I sometimes wonder if the purpose now is to get me to kill myself; that must certainly be considered the Ultra Combo of this dialectic.  I have fielded these threats and threats against my family from every political persuasion.  In online arguments, the statement I have just made might be considered a variant of the Argument To Moderation or something like that, but get it straight:  I’m not fucking arguing with you.  I’m telling you the actual facts of my life.  “All have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).  This impulse - the impulse to exile and annihilate - is embedded in the firmware of humanity.

My experience of this is such a fraction of a fraction of what Joss Whedon and many other people get, and I’ll tell you in very clear language that even at my threshold of notoriety it’s more than I can contend with.  We’re approaching “nuke the site from orbit” levels of inhuman depravity.  I’m prepared to call the entire Web a net loss.


Gabe / 4 hours ago

Like father…

The teachers at my son’s school are staging some sort of walk out today. I’m guessing it’s about class size and money but I’m not really sure. All I know is that since my wife will be at the dentist most of the day I need to stay home with my kid. His little brother still has a school to go to so it’s just gonna be Gabe and I at home all afternoon. Last week I got him his own PSN account so we could play games together. This morning he asked if we could just play Destiny all day since no one else would be home. “Son” I said “As your father I can’t sit on the couch and play games with you all day just because you got a free day off of school. That’s ridiculous. Obviously we will need to take a break for lunch and milkshakes at some point.”

There’s a good chance I’ll be streaming off and on today. Keep an eye on our Twitch page if you want to see some father and son game times.

-Gabe out

Drawing for fun

Remember what I said about drawing for fun again? Yeah well this is what it looks like:

(click for the big version)

-Gabe out


Tycho / 2 days ago

The joke used to be that if the Internet here wasn’t working, Kiko was torrenting several seasons of an anime simultaneously - but it wasn’t a joke so much as it was a true fact.  It was an awful business, and not simply because of the profound immorality of these acts - the disregard for the edifice of law, which separates man from the hyena.  That’s what I told him.  But it also made it very difficult, if not impossible, to complete my own torrents.

The office is in a weird place, where getting Internet through a wire isn’t really feasible.  We have had Wise Women out to survey the grounds, and we’ve been told that the building is situated much too near a “place of power” and that only by burying a gladestone beneath the entryway can we be safe from its raking, psychic winds.  But that’s, like, the typical contractor thing, right?  I’m not falling for that.

It’s all fixed now, but when we were trying to get the antennas upgraded it created all kinds of problems.  It was like getting Internet from a hand pump, sometimes it would slosh and gurgle, sometimes you would go bananas and get nothing.  I guess it was inconvenient, but whatever; trying to get the strip or the post up was like trying to whip an identity disc through the whirling bulwark of the MCP.  It granted even these ordinary acts a patina of valor.

It did emphasize, though, how little of anything we keep on our machines now.  Most of Gabriel’s work exists in a kind of neither/nor twilight state between local and cloud.  You upgrade your machine, let’s say, grabbing all the MP3s off there isn’t a huge priority because you’re “always connected.”  It embroiders nightmare scenarios.

Having seen the entire arc of the consumer Internet, having seen cellular access go from ultranovel to functionally baseline, it has managed to stay weird for me.  It’s like caffeine, this access; not necessarily hard to get, mostly available, but when you don’t have it holy shit.  If an episode of My Little Pony cuts out halfway through at my house, watch the fuck out.  They need this stuff.  I’m equal parts father and, somehow, dystopian data druglord.


Monday Sketchdump!

My new year’s resolution this year was to push myself to get better at drawing. I was in a rut and feeling pretty shitty about my art in general. This year my goal was to break through that wall and really try to improve. Part of that meant sketching as much as I could. I’d stopped drawing for fun. I’d gotten into the habit of only drawing when I had a job to do. Now I draw almost every night and I try and force myself to NOT draw things for work. It’s been awesome and while it was hard at first, It’s getting much easier.

I’m also pushing myself in the comic strips and I know that’s been weird to see. I don’t know exactly how to describe the thought process behind some of these experiments.  I sort of have to try lots of crazy stuff to see what works and what I like. Often times that means going too far in a new direction and then walking it back or trying stuff that just doesn’t work at all. Today’s comic is a good example of that actually. I was trying for something in the second panel that just didn’t work. The figures overlap in an odd way and the way Gabe’s hair intersects Tycho’s face is a crime against God and Man. The first panel is goofy and closer to what I was going for but probably a little over the top. I like the way I drew Tycho’s tears and I really dig the line that defines the top of Gabe’s mouth in that panel though. Those are elements I’ll keep for sure. The last panel I actually like a lot and I think that is probably the best drawing I’ve done of Tycho from the back. So yeah, I look at every single comic like that these days. I see every strip as an opportunity to try something new. Some of it is going to hit and some of it isn’t.

Here’s some sketches from last week.

I don’t know where this little cat came from but I like him a lot

-Gabe out

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