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Gabe / 9 minutes ago

I Went To A Party!

Today’s comic is once again a true story. I picked up the first book in the Dresden Files series for a little trip I took down to L.A. this week. I picked it up because Patrick Rothfuss and Scott Kurtz both recommended it at a dinner we had back in Boston. I had avoided the series because it sounded sort of silly but Goddamnit this is a fun book! Anyway the reason I’m down here is because I was invited to a Microsoft Surface party. It was a party of maybe a hundred people or so comprising…

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Gabe / 16 hours ago

You Died!

I think Bloodborne is one of the best games I've ever played. I'm on a little trip right now and away from my PS4 which means I'm not exploring Old Yarnahm. I've never played any of the previous Souls games that preceded Bloodborne, so I decided to remedy that today. I grabbed Dark Souls 2 on Steam, plugged in a controller and started dying over and over again. So much of what I love about Bloodborne is present here as well. It's also hard as fuck. I just played for about two hours and then…

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