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Tycho / 2 days ago

It was easy to see variations of ourselves in each Strip Search contestant, which is why kicking them off the show was so difficult. Like the scholarship we grant, it feels more like choosing losers than winners, because you do way, way more of the former. Tavis is a point much later in our continuum, much closer to now than most contestants, and I felt it way down. Tavis Maiden makes cartoons, but he essentially was one also; everything about his ratios and personal presentation seemed…

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Tycho / 3 days ago

Your New PAX 10 (Update-chan)

A tradition almost as old as the show itself, we carve out free booth space for searing Indie heat each time. Every one has a different identity and mission, but the PAX 10 at Prime casts the broadest net. Anything goes - but then, not everything stays. Here's what our superpanel of industry veterans and Penny Arcade staff thought you needed to see. I updated the post with links to where you can grab some of this stuff now, if you want to: Duet, by Kumobius (App Store) Flickers, by…

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