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Tycho / 6 hours ago

Gavin came up with AirDND at lunch, and it was too good to leave on the table. Utilizing long-forgetten alchemical techniques, including those we have transmuted this notion into a comic strip. I feel like I'm too new at Destiny to tell you anything of import about the new expansion; I've had a few lucky Crota drops, that's the extent of my career as a Guardian. I'm the inheritor of all the creature comforts and improvements you and Gabriel had to suffer through, I never knew the worst of…

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Tycho / 2 days ago

PAX Q&A Question Sumbissionz

Ask us questions, anything you want, completely asymmetrically! This is the new ritual for the Q&A panels, and it has made them diamond-dense with premium info. Drop a Q in there, and we will deliver an A several months hence. (CW)TB

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