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Gabe / 4 hours ago

New Shirt!

Dabe has delivered a new shirt design that I find hits a bit too close to home. I remember very vividly when I broke my Pokemon card game addiction. I was free and clear until my son Gabe got hooked. Now I'm right back in! -Gabe out

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Gabe / 4 hours ago

PAX Dev Schedule is out!

I have three pieces of PAX related news to share with you. 1. If you are attending PAX Dev and you would like to know when all the cool stuff that is happening there is happening then check out this schedule. 2. The Dates for PAX South are January 29, 30, 31. 3. We are "planning" on launching ticket sales for PAX South on September 16th 2015. 4. I hate when I'm trying to get to the World's Grave but I get turned around at the Circle of Bones and I end up in the Skull Orchard. One of those…

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Gabe / 7 hours ago

Nightlight and my Dad

Nightlight is wrapped up now and for those who have no idea what’s going on, I posted a breakdown in the forum. When my Dad and I were at the Child’s Play golf tournament he saw me have a conversation with Kiko and Dabe about Nightlight. It was before I left for my vacation and I was really struggling to figure out what the monsters in this world would be like. The three of us were bouncing around ideas and my Dad just sat there and listened. We talked about the particular child’s fears…

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Tycho / 18 hours ago

Grace, Part Six can be found here. I knew David Edery when he worked at Microsoft, what seems like a thousand years ago, under circumstances you will absorb here in a moment. I think he was more or less driven insane by it. Now he works at Spry Fox with an incredibly small crew, making all kinds of weird shit and getting incredibly bad business advice from ME. I think he does what I do for Mike, which is to say, his primary goal over there is to help other people do what they do best, and…

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