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Gabe / on Mon, Jul 9 2007 at 11:16 am

I’m Back

Sorry for the late comic strip. I just got back from my annual vacation to the Oregon coast.  I spent last week in Lincoln City with my family reading and playing Pokemon. On the book side I got through two really good ones. First I finished up Sacrifice, the fifth book in the new Legacy of the Force series. All the books in this series have been great but no one writes Jacen as well as Karen. <Spoiler>. Somehow she’s able to make falling to the Dark Side seem like the right thing to do. Every step he takes seems so logical. I know what he’s doing is horrible but I can’t help but sympathize with him. I never liked the way Anakin’s fall was handled in the prequels. He was a was an annoying prick and I never bought his motivations for falling. The way Karen has handled Jacen I can’t help but think I’d have made some of the same choices. As I read his thought process I can’t help but feel like maybe he’s got the right idea. Maybe this whole Dark side thing just got a bad wrap. And that’s how it should be! The Dark Side is supposed to be seductive and I don’t think anyone has ever captured that as well as Karen has. </spoler>

The second book I read was Galactic North by Alastair Reynolds. take a look at the cover and tell me if that does not fit perfectly with my book buying rules:

The book must have a picture of an alien planet, a space station or a space ship on the cover.

It’s a collection of short stories all set in his Revelation Space universe. As universes go it’s a pretty good one and the stories are pure Sci-Fi fun.

On the Pokemon front I’ve just about got Diamond wrapped up now. I’ve got sixty hours logged on it which is more than I’ve put into any other game with the exception of a couple Square titles. I captured my Dialga which was a really nice feeling of accomplishment. I decided to try taking my new an improved crew online via Battle Revolution to see if the addition of an ancient dragon with the power to warp space and time would give me the edge I needed to win. Turns out no. I still got completely hosed all night. I love the game but when I drop into a game and the other guy is fielding nothing but giant robot dragons and massive cats that one shot everything I throw out I get a little discouraged. Am I just coming in to late in the game to be competitive or is there something I’m missing?

Anyway the vacation was nice but it’s good to be home. I’m currently working on our Assassins Creed comic book for Ubisoft and even though I was having a great time in Oregon I was really excited to get back and keep plugging away on this project. I’m just having a blast drawing Altair. I’ll try and post some stuff from the comic soon if I can. Otherwise you should see it in the collectors edition of the game.

-Gabe out

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