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Gabe / on Wed, Jul 11 2007 at 10:32 am

Pokemon and Comic Con

Thanks to everyone who mailed me their Pokemon tips. Every single person who mailed me stressed the importance of EV’s and proper EV training over just about everything else. I was given some great links and spent a good chuck of the day yesterday reading everything I could about them.

I’m thirty years old now, and I’ve been playing games for more than twenty of those. I’ve seen some real bullshit in all that time and EV’s are right up their towards the top of the list. As far as I can tell this is how they work. If your Pokemon fights another Pokemon that’s really fast for example, it earns a point towards it’s speed Effort Value (EV).  For every four of these points that you get  your Pokemon will gain one more point to it’s speed stat when it levels up. Now each Pokemon awards EV’s for different stats and some give points for multiple stats. The problem is that these EV’s are invisible and limited. So there’s only a certain number of them that a single Pokemon can take advantage of and there’s no way to track them in game. I got tips like "create a spreadsheet for each of your Pokemoin with rows for all their stats and manualy enter any EV’s they get…"

Create a spreadsheet?

Then I started reading about IV’s and I saw this shit:

Now that I’ve showed how much they can affect stats, let’s grab the equation for determining a Pokemon’s Individual Value. Keep in mind that this is NOT for Hit Points. That has its own equation.

  IV = ((Math.Ceiling(Stat / Personality Value) - 5) * 100 / Level Value ) - 2 * Base Stat – Effort Points / 4

Are you fucking serious? I never got past algebra. All I want to do is show people my Pokemons, not build a Goddamn time machine!

So I started digging into yesterday and I got my first glimpse at just how far this rabbit hole goes. I told myself I wasn’t going to fall into it but I ended up spending the morning trying to acquire a new Chimchar with the preferred "jolly" nature. Once I’d done that I spent the afternoon EV training him on Ponytas and Machamps. I’m telling you this not because I am proud but because I need help. Someone needs to stop me before I start doing long division to figure out what kind of fucking berry I should feed my shittlesaur.

Hey are you going to San Diego Comic con? We are!

We’ll be back in booth 1237 for those of you interested in stopping by and saying hello. Along with our new shirts, all our books and a bunch of posters and stickers we’ll have something special that you can only get at the show.



This totally bitchinArmadeaddon poster will only be available at Comic Con. So if you need one of these things come on down or send a friend. If you do come to the convention be sure and check out some of the panels we’re involved in:


11:30 -12:30, Room 1AB

"Episodic Games,Comics"

Hothead Games and Telltale


3:30-4:30, Room 8

"Biz of Webcomics"

Khoo and Kurtz


3:30-4:30, Room 1AB

Gabe and Tycho Q&A


If you swing by bring your DS. Our booths tend to become DS hang outs so be ready.

Also I just updated gabeart with some new Twisp and Catsby stuff. You should check it out if you like those guys.

-Gabe out

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