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Gabe / on Wed, Aug 29 2007 at 11:56 am

Stories from PAX

We had our annual Enforcer wrap party on Monday night over at Gameworks. It’s a chance for all the Enforcers to get together and relax after the show. It’s also a chance for Tycho and I to thank them for all their help. We played a lot of games and heard a ton of great stories. There’s so much of the show that Tycho and I miss but the Enforcers see it all and this year they saw some crazy shit.

For example I had no idea that e for all had hired guerrilla marketers to wander the streets in front of PAX with T.V’s in their shirts. They were passing out glow sticks and postcards with the e for all logo on them. PAX Enforcers and attendees started a game that involved masking tape and replacing the "for all" with other things the e might stand for.

That’s certainly funny but it’s not the best story about other exhibitions invading PAX. At one point during the evening a table full of Enforcers told me a tale that was so awesome I just had to pass it along.

Late Friday night Amber was called down to the lobby of the convention center to deal with a drunk and belligerent member of the media who was apparently yelling at a couple of our Enforcers. Amber arrived to find the man obviously hammered and harassing our security. She  approached him and explained that the show was over (which it wasn’t) and that he should just go home and sleep. Upon seeing Amber his behavior changed quite drastically. He stopped arguing with the Enforcers and instead stared hitting on her. He bragged that he’d been out all night drinking with Incubus. Then he suggested the two of them go see a movie, get some drinks and "see where it goes." I think we all know where it goes. Sloppy drunks twice her age really aren’t Amber’s type so she politely declined the offer while still trying to move him towards the door. He leaned in at this point and said "this Penny Arcade shit is weak!" and then asked her if she wanted to know a secret. He said it would "impress her" and with that he produced his business card.

He pointed at it and slurred "this is where it’s at baby."

Now we’d seen this guy all weekend taking photos of our game rooms and exhibition hall. Since he was pretending to be media he also interviewed all our Enforcers about how the show was organized and managed. A few of our Exhibitors even complained that he was in the exhibition hall trying to sell them on his convention.

Amber took the card and asked him to find her the next day after he had sobered up. She had every right to pull his badge right then but was a little worried about how he might react. The next morning she happened to meet up with him on the escalators in the main hall. "Hey I remember you" he said, "but I don’t remember your name."

"I’m Amber the event coordinator for PAX and I need you to give me your badge." she replied.

He looked around at the group of colleagues around him and laughed. I guess he thought she was joking. Security arrived and she pressed him again for his badge. He tried to apologize for hitting on her but she informed him that while that was certainly inappropriate it was the drunken tirade that we didn’t appreciate at PAX. He reluctantly handed over his badge and was escorted out by a group of Enforcers.

I was told this story by a dozen or so other Enforcers who witnessed or took part in the event. When they gave me Ed’s business card as physical proof of their encounter I couldn’t believe it. I was already laughing when I turned the card over and noticed the back.

-Gabe out

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