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Gabe / on Mon, Jan 21 2008 at 10:51 am

Our Video Game

I know we don’t talk about our game much. We really don’t want to beat you guys over the head with it. Honestly we handle most of our big projects that way. We try to make coming here "easy" and I don’t want you guys to feel like you’re constantly being pitched something. Balancing that against the fact that if we don’t tell you about things like new shirts and books you are less likely to purchase them is tricky. another reason for the lack of coverage is that we really weren’t sure the game was going to be any good. We’re doing a lot of the art and all the writing but the reality is that this was a collaboration with the Hothead guys and until very recently I wasn’t convinced making the game was a good idea.

Tycho said it best in a couple interviews "games look like shit until they look awesome." it’s really more than that though because they also play like shit until they are fun. I remember getting the first build months ago and telling Tycho we should scrap the entire thing. The builds kept coming though and they kept getting better and better. I understand now that that’s just how game development works. It wasn’t until the most recent build that I finally saw something genuinely fun. The Hothead guys obviously knew what they were making but for me it was like looking at a sketch and not understanding how it could ever be a finished painting.

I’ve played through it multiple times now and I can tell you truthfully that it’s funny and it’s fun to play. If you like PA I believe you will enjoy it. If you don’t know about PA I think you will still laugh and If you hate us you’ll hate our game. The game just hit beta and Hothead is polishing it more and more every day. I can tell you that what I see right now I’m honestly proud of. Tycho has written some of his best stuff for this game. Like me, he hates himself and hates the things he makes so he would never link you to this, but I feel like he deserves it. A while back Tycho spent a week at the Hothead studio writing non stop for the game. Ron Gilbert was up there as well and he posted this on his blog shortly after.

"Jerry from PA is up here as well doing the writing and it’s a thrill to see him work.  He’s a top-shelf writer, right up there with Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman."

I’m sure when Tycho sees I linked that he’ll go right for his wrists, but it’s true.

An early build of the game recently made its way through the media digestive system.  The result is that you will see coverage of it popping up at many of your favorite game news sites. Everything I’ve seen so far has been very positive but I guess that’s the way it is with previews. I think the best place to go is Gametrailers as they simply post high quality video of the game being played. You can make your own decisions based on what you see. If you want more you can watch the 1up show where a narcoleptic Jedi will tell you that the game is "like not really like PA but also like totally like PA." Maybe that’s helpful to someone? The Gamelife blog over at Wired also has a very complete write up of the game if you want more than just raw footage.

It’s funny, before the game I never would have thought twice about calling someone a narcoleptic Jedi. After I had typed it out though I paused. Am I Derek Smart now? Will this effect our PR persons relationship with 1Up and other media outlets? Will they savage us in their review and will that hurt sales? Should I not talk about the coverage at all?

Even if all of that is true should I care?

Obviously the answer is no.

-Gabe out

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