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Tycho / on Wed, Mar 21 2012 at 12:01 am

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Draw Something Else

You almost certainly know about Draw Something already - like Words With Friends or Hanging With Friends or Inadvertent Castration With Friends, it is an asymmetrical nod to some absolutely commonplace entertainment which modern life has made difficult.

Photoshop Hero” may not exist as such, but the prevalence of touch displays means that more games may leverage its noble spirit.  Gabriel’s ChatRoulette mod “The Game” provided hours of entertainment, for example.  Draw Something Else, his newest release, may reach a wider audience.

I’m hooked on Kickstarter now; I always wanna be startin’ somethingDouble Fine Adventure and Wasteland 2 are only a few of my recent ventures, followed up by The Banner Saga yesterday, which I found sort of irresistible.  I’ve mentioned that I have a hard time accepting “rewards” beyond the product I’m trying to make real.  Having once been in the position of trying to make an Adult Company out of a cool idea me and a friend of mine had, I don’t want them spending their time on me like that.  I think it’s an incredibly powerful lure, and it’s core to the philosophy which attempts to create stronger links between people and thing and the people who make things.  I don’t get the NPR tote bags either.  I don’t know, I’m weird.

Having just completed our Warmachine tournament I’m still very much in that Mode, so the Kickstarter for Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack fell into fertile soil.  It’s essentially a tabletop wargame system designed for use with Lego bricks, and they’ve already made their nut, so this pitch doesn’t have the imperative some others do.  I am fucking hooked on their Lego designs, though: they’re on that ultrasimplified tip, where the detail is all in the broad strokes and the silhouettes.  Even better, enthusiasts of the project have already started putting up their own designs.

Rabbit Hole alert.

This momentum of that site really is marvelous to behold; I want to wring everything I can out of it before the inevitable High Profile Failure that transforms all that momentum into a bucking serpent of jagged, shredding metal.

(CW)TB out.

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